The United With Congress (UWC) platform is an assemblage of like-minded people interested in bringing about a positive change in society by supporting political ideologies that focus on nation-building, secularism, unity, equality, and liberty.

We regularly host UWC Dialogues sessions in which experts from diverse fields – both political and apolitical – will help you understand the sociopolitical changes India is undergoing, and the consequent effects on our economy, our progress and well-being.

UWC Dialogues also offers Upskill sessions – periodic opportunities to acquire and enhance the skills that we believe are crucial to understand, respond and engage with a planet in which the rate of change is accelerating.


Strengthening Congress the Seva Dal Way

Mr Lalji Desai is the President of the Congress Seva Dal, the grassroots organization founded in 1924. He was advisor from CSO to the committee on World Food Security for four years. He later organized a successful land rights movement that forced the then Gujarat Modi government to conceded to demands of the tribal and

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Dialogue with Sowmya Reddy

Environment, Future and Politics – Drawing Parallels

Date: 5 December 2020 Time: 16:00 Hours IST Ms Sowmya Reddy was in 2018 elected to the Karnataka Assembly from Jayanagar, considered a BJP stronghold. She is also active at the grassroots, across community mobilisation, animal welfare, environmental protection and policy advocacy. An equal rights activist, she is one of the youngest board members of

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Youth and Politics: A Conversation with Satyajeet Tambe

Date: 08 November 2020 Time: 16:00 Hours IST Satyajeet Tambe, President of the Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress, built the largest PYC team in India. Having begun as an office-bearer in the National Students’ Union of India, he served as Vice President of Maharashtra’s IYC in 2011-17 before being elected President. Mr Tambe conceived of and

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Gender Sensitization in Society and the Role of Youth

Sanjukta Basu is a writer, photographer, lawyer and feminist scholar. She has worked with women’s rights organizations and held a legal practice. Currently a columnist and feature writer across print and online media, she writes on women, politics, minority rights, and social issues. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Women and Gender Studies. Her auto-ethnographic

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Upskill Session on Social Media

Upskill Session: Social Media and Political Messaging

Which platform works best for political messaging? What kind of content is optimal for each social media platform? What are the different ways by which we can effectively engage in political conversations with people of differing ideologies? What is the ideology of Congress in designing and executing its social media campaigns? Watch this UWC Dialogue

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